About Me

The concise version of the most important professional and personal events of my life, thus far.

October 3, 2019

Child #2 born.

Summer, 2018

Co-founded Assembler Labs with Patrick Haig as Michigan's first startup studio. Our mission is to validate, create, and invest in world-class, venture-scale businesses, especially focused on the Future of Work and Future of Wellness.

Spring, 2017

Moved back to Michigan.

October 29, 2016

Child #1 born.

October 10, 2015

Married Ashley Sefferman (nee Tate). Best decision of my life.

July, 2014

Sold MobileDevHQ to TUNE. Helped grow TUNE to ~$75m in ARR and 350 employees worldwide.

February, 2009

Founded AppStoreHQ (later MobileDevHQ), popularized App Store Optimization, and created the first SaaS product to help app marketers with ASO.

July, 2006

Moved to Seattle, WA. Began work at Amazon.com as a software engineer in the Personalization and Ecommerce Platform orgs.

June, 2006

Graduated from University of Chicago

June, 2002

Graduated from Seaholm High School.

April 13, 1984

Born in Michigan.